Can my relative who is thinking about their care needs come and look around?

Yes, we can link their visit to Kibworth Knoll with an assessment discussion to see if we can meet all their needs.  We find this to be an effective way for a prospective resident to see our home and make an informed choice about their future care and for them to feel involved in the process.



Do the residents have their own bedroom?

Yes.  Our bedrooms are for single occupancy, however, we can accommodate up to two couples in twin bedded rooms.  Our bedrooms are individual in style and decoration and they all have their own en-suite toilet and wash hand basin.



Can a resident bring items of furniture from home?

Yes.  We are happy for our residents to personalise their room with their own pictures and ornaments, and smaller items of furniture and belongings if they so wish.

All our bedrooms are individually and professionally decorated and fully furnished to a high standard with a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside cabinet, bedside lamp, TV and armchair.  Breakfast and occasional tables are also available, if required.  Our beds are either divan or hospital beds (depending on individual needs) and we provide personal bedding and towels.   Usually we can access mobility equipment such as a rotunda free of charge, but unfortunately this is not always guaranteed by the NHS.



What is included in the care fees that Kibworth Knoll charges?

Our fees include all costs associated with accommodation, care, meals, laundry and our organised activities and entertainments.



What’s not included in the care fees?

Continence products, daily newspapers and magazines, which we can arrange to have delivered. Hairdressing and chiropody are also available via appointments arranged by Kibworth Knoll.  Items of laundry that require dry cleaning.  Any charges made by opticians, private doctors or supply of hearing equipment.



How do I know if Kibworth Knoll is the right care home for my relative?

The best way to find out is to visit and have a look around Kibworth Knoll. By visiting us and talking to our staff and other residents you will probably be able to tell whether our environment is suitable for your relative.



If I like Kibworth Knoll, how do I know if Kibworth Knoll can meet my relative’s care needs?

We can meet your relative and discuss their care needs and requirements at home, hospital or at Kibworth Knoll, whichever is most convenient.



Do you offer residents Day Care?

Day Care is often a good starting point, as we can gain a broader knowledge of the individual’s care needs, while they are in our environment.  Most Day Care residents make a regular visit each week.  Day Care visits are for a full day from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.



Do you offer residents respite stays?

Yes, we are sometimes able to accommodate respite and holiday stays with a minimum stay of two weeks.



Can a prospective resident come and try Kibworth Knoll out before making a decision a live there permanently?

Yes, of course.  Most prospective residents stay for one month before deciding to make Kibworth Knoll their permanent home. This “trial” stay gives the individual an opportunity to try us out, and gives you and your family peace of mind and time, before making this important decision.



What care needs do you cater for?

Our residents have a wide and varying range of care needs; most residents tend to fall into two categories.  Some of our residents have physical care needs due to their medical conditions and difficulties with mobility, and others need our emotional support and daily input to ensure they are safe and stimulated.

Many residents have lived at Kibworth Knoll for many years, and as their individual care needs have increased as they become more dependent and we adapt our care and support appropriately.



Do you take residents with Dementia?

Yes, we support many residents who have mild to moderate dementia.  We are not equipped to care for those individuals whose behaviour has become difficult.  Some residents have been formally diagnosed with dementia and some have become forgetful, with poor short-term memory and require our care and support.



Do you take residents with Incontinence?

Yes, we are sensitive to our residents’ continence needs providing support in a dignified and respectful manner supported with continence aids such as pads (prescribed or supplied by resident/family), catheters and stomas.



Do you help residents with their Personal Care?

Yes, we support our residents with all aspects of personal care, such as bathing, showering, washing, dressing, hair care, etc.  We create an individual care plan for each residents daily care needs.  The care plan is reviewed with the resident on a monthly basis to ensure we continue to meet their requirements and expectations.



Can you help residents with limited mobility?

Yes, many of our residents have difficulty with their mobility and use Zimmer frames and mobility aids.



Can you help residents with limited eye sight?

Yes, many of our residents have reduced vision, and most wear glasses.



Can you help residents with limited hearing?

Yes, many of our residents have hearing difficulties and wear hearing aids.



What does a resident need to bring with them?

They will need to bring personal clothing, toiletries and all their medication.  Please remember to also bring glasses, hearing aid, walking stick or Zimmer frame and any equipment that they use on a daily basis.



Can a resident eat their meals in their bedroom?

Yes, if they would like to, we will serve all their meals in their bedroom.   However, our residents are encouraged to eat their meals in the dining room with the other residents, particularly at lunch time and enjoy the sociable and stimulating environment.



Can a resident have a newspaper delivered?

Yes.  We will contact the local newsagent and arrange delivery of a newspaper and magazines.  The newsagent will send the invoice to the resident or a relative at the end of each month.



Can a resident make and receive telephone calls?

Yes.  We have several cordless phones in the office which the resident can use either in the privacy of the office or in their own room.



What happens about laundry facilities?

All laundry is managed on site. We ask that the residents clothing is named before entering the home with name buttons or labels for the avoidance of items getting lost.  The laundry costs are included in our weekly care fees.

Dry cleaning is arranged outside the home, at an additional cost.  Arrangements can be made on behalf of the resident to take and collect items.



Do you cater for Special Diets?

Yes.  We are happy to accommodate dietary needs and requirements. Your special requirements such as food allergies and intolerances will be discussed prior to your arrival.



What happens if a resident wants to continue to look after and administer their own prescribed medication?

Provided the resident is able to manage their own medication, we will provide them with a lockable drawer in their room for them to safely store their medicines.  We will assist them with reordering their medication supply on a regularly basis.  A risk assessment will be carried out and regularly reviewed ensuring that the resident still has the ability to carry out this task.



What happens when a resident needs a visit from a Doctor or the District Nurse?

Home visits are arranged for the resident doctors and the district nursing team, whenever they are needed.



Can a resident keep their own GP?

Yes, if the individual is moving into Kibworth Knoll from the local area, their existing doctor will usually be agreeable to keep them as their patient.  However, If they are moving to Kibworth Knoll from outside the area, we will make arrangements for the resident to be registered with one of the local doctors' practices.



What happens when a resident needs a visit from the Physiotherapist or Continence Nurse?

We can request the support from the NHS Physiotherapist and the Continence service whenever our residents require their support, for equipment or continence aids.



What happens when a resident needs a Chiropodist, Dentist or Optician?

Visits are arranged to Kibworth Knoll for these services on a regular basis.  but some of our residents prefer to continue using a local provider, with whom they have built up a rapport and we are happy to help with those arrangements.



What happens about Hairdressing appointments?

We have our own Hairdressing Salon at Kibworth Knoll.  This means our residents benefit from a professional hairdressing environment and our local hairdresser visits frequently.  Some of our residents prefer to continue using a local provider with whom they have built up a rapport, and we are happy to help with those arrangements and will discuss frequency of visits with preferred hairdresser.